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Tips To Make A Modern Shopify Website For Better User Experience

July 17, 2022 | By Xonest

With Shopify, opening an online store has never been easier. Ecommerce shop owners are taking advantage of the platform; in fact, over half a million e-commerce businesses across the globe use Shopify, and this number is continually growing. Why? Because Shopify is trusted and easy to use.

However, the Shopify platform alone is not enough to run a successful e-commerce business. According to Shopify development experts website design plays a vital role in brand awareness, user satisfaction, and search engine visibility ultimately culminating in sales. We’ll dive into some modern Shopify website design tips to help you get the most out of this popular platform.

  1. Ensuring the Website Loads Quickly

When your store is on Shopify, you can leverage several features for the task. Start by checking your site load time with the tool Google Page Speed Insights. If it is too slow, try optimizing your website for design elements.

If there are too many images on your website, try reducing them. You can also use the compressed version of images for a better effect. As a rule of fact, skip the carousels that anchor the loading time. Some experienced Shopify Website Developers can you help you in achieving it.

  1. Always test your store’s mobile settings

Before you run your first ad campaign, you need to double check to see what your website looks like on mobile.  Sometimes, when looking over your website on a different device you might notice that images aren’t resized properly. By knowing that the model’s face in the picture is cut off, you might choose to crop the picture differently so that it appears in the same format as the desktop version.

Mobile testing is especially important if your main sources of traffic are from ads, influencer marketing or if traffic comes from an app like Instagram or Pinterest.

  1. Leveraging the Right Visuals

Visuals can have a lot of impact on your website visitors. People might not read what you write on your website immediately, but they will surely catch a glimpse of the imagery. That being said, if you’re not using high-quality images, the chances of your visitors abandoning your site are high.

Leverage the power of suitable images and videos to showcase your products. If you don’t have the proper means to do so, hire a Shopify Development Experts, a little investment in incorporating the right visuals can go a long way in compelling your customers to buy your products.

Building a Shopify store can ease a lot of burden from your shoulders. With some information and tips by your side, you can simply achieve your goal of providing best user experience to your customers. Make sure you leverage different features on the platform to design an attractive and engaging website.

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