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Online Healthcare Funds Flow Comparator Tool

The client has this idea to create an online Funds Flow Comparator Tool for Healthcare domain professionals using which they cold compare their annual revenues/ growth with their related industry growth and could measure where they stand.

The tool would not only help the professionals to understand their overall position in the market but would also help them to strategies their activities to make sure they improvise and achieve better results next time as the tool provide them the exact data results on every parameter they enter the inputs on.

Solution Provided

Considering client's needs, we designed and developed an online tool where professionals input their business information starting from selecting their industry till entering their sale, purchase related information. The application has inbuilt formulas which then compare their inputs with their industry data and provide them results in the form of graphs and tables so that they could see where they are falling.

Project Deliverable

The project deliverable were include the complete designs and development of this online tool. It was a fully responsive application, compatible to all browsers, SEO friendly and had an inbuilt calculation tool which analyse the data entered by the users, calculate the facts and produce results in the form of charts and tables. The application is also Multilingual and developed initially in English and Arabic languages with the option for admin to add any number of languages himself. It’s a custom multi language tool not a standard Google Translator. The website was custom developed in Core PHP.

I worked with them on this contract during Covid peak era. They were very helpful and provided good feedback and ideas for improvement to my initial plan. I worked with them in Arabic, and they were flexible to learn and complete the job in Arabic format (right to left, everything). Highly recommend!!

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