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Created a Master Dating Website with 4 Sub-Dating Websites connected all together!

Client got to us with his unique idea to get a platform done where he wanted to get a dating web app and wanted to capture all age groups but at the same time wanted them to give ease to choose their portal of choice where they would found their match and get connected with each others!

The main challenge in this job was to create a Single portal for all age group and to provide a Single Admin from where client could manage all the portals. The client also required to make the admin a kind of where he could create sub users and could give them special rights to manage a required section of that website.

Solution Provided

Considering client's needs, we designed and developed a complete dating solution where on the landing page we categorised all the age group and linked them with their related website. It was 4 websites on a single domain, connected with their respective portal.

Project Deliverable

The project deliverable were include the complete designs and development of 4 dating portals targeting the respective age group. The landing page had all the categories displayed as a clickable field and linked with it’s respective dating website like e.g. if a Professional is looking for another professional for date, he/ she would click on “Professional for Dates” and it would lead them to the Professional dating website. Similarly for “Mature for Dates”, “Single Parents for Dates” & “Single for Dates”.

Working with this company was the best experience I had as they not only understood my needs patiently but also guided my the best solution. I love the end product and would for sure recommend them to all.

John D.


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