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A complete Escrow Management Solution

This was the requirement from one of our client from Singapore who wanted to get a complete Escrow Management Solution specific for Singapore market where any buyer could do any business transactions with any seller (no matter the industry) without any hesitation. This was a requirement to boost up business transition in Singapore market and to give a risk free platform to both, the buyers and sellers.

The main challenge in this job was to create the wallet where the payments could be held along with the part of creating the milestones and releasing the payments on every milestone completion. Commission disbursements and multiple payment gateways were also the major part of this project.

Solution Provided

Considering client's needs, we designed and developed an online marketplace where buyers could invite any seller and could do the business transition by creating a mutual contract. The buyers escrow the decided amount which sellers can get released once their business transition is done and buyers approves the work.

Project Deliverable

The project deliverable were include the complete designs and development of Escrow Malaysia website. It was a fully responsive website with the complete dashboards and reporting system at both, the buyers and sellers end where they can check all of their contracts, the payment disbursements, the commission paid in every contract etc. Multiple payment gateways integration and implementing multiple users creation for master admin was also the part of this project.

Highly recommended. They guide me from start to the end of the process and also advise me on the cost effectiveness before I make any decision. It was a pleasure and will not hesitate to come back again :)

Derek Ting


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