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An online marketplace for carpet manufacturer

The client is a large scale manufacturer of carpets with 3 manufacturing units across India. They wanted to take his business to the next level and wanted to have their online presence so that they could expand to all over the world.

So the clients could not only purchase individual units of the products but this platform also gave the option to distributors or bulk purchasers to get connected with the client for any bulk ordering needs. The website is fully functioned and have all the modules to manage the products and sales including the reports of everything.

Solution Provided

Considering client's needs, we designed and developed an online store where customers could explore his products, about their manufacturing process and could connect with them with their bulk order needs.

Project Deliverable

The project deliverable were include the complete designs and development of this online store. It was a fully responsive website, compatible to all browsers, SEO friendly and had an inbuilt chat system for online visitors. The website is also having multiple payment gateways implemented to give the users, the ease to pay per their convenient mode including cash on delivery option.

Their Business Consultants are simply Awesome! they have all the solutions no matter what need and vision you have. Try them once and you would love working with this company.

Manoj Kumar

Partner and Co-Founder

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